Penney Richards
November, 2009

Penney was an amazing young woman--loaded with confidence, sure of her path in life, and rarely stopped smiling. She stuffed every 24-hour day with 48 hours of living.

She was a kind and thoughtful daughter, granddaughter, niece, and cousin. She was a true and loyal friend, and kept people in her heart, even those who walked away from her friendship.

She was a bargain shopper, put ketchup on everything but ice cream and sweets, wanted badly to adopt a dog, and often forgot to turn off her bedroom light. She could carry on multiple conversations while typing on the computer with her cell phone at her ear, and not remember where she dropped her car keys.

She loved to get away, whether taking friends to her family’s farm in Maine, going to a new favorite place in Ossipee, NH, visiting an exotic island, or just going for a ride on a motorcycle.

Penney graduated from North Reading High School and Middlesex Community College, and recently began working at the Massachusetts General Hospital/North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers. She’d found “her” place at MGH and loved going to work every day. She had big dreams to continue her education in the radiation therapy arena of oncology healthcare. Unfortunately that is a dream that won’t come true.

Her family is pleased to keep those dreams going for others, through the Penney Richards Memorial Fund.


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