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September, 2009

Reading Chronicle story from Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waiting for answers four months after a fatal motorcycle accident

Four months after a fatal motorcycle accident took two lives on Lowell Street, families are still awaiting results of state police report


Published: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 10:19 AM EDT

READING – Four months after a fatal accident took two lives on Lowell Street, the families of the victims are still awaiting results of a state police accident reconstruction team’s investigation into the incident.

“I’m angry to be honest,” said Penny Richards, mother of Penney Jean Richards, 25, of North Reading, who along with Michael A. D’Amore, 32, of Edgemont Avenue, Reading was killed when the motorcycle they were traveling on collied with a pickup truck at the intersection of Lowell and High streets the morning of November 19, 2009. “The hangup is with the state police report. I understand that they are doing a job, but it is now four months later and we still don’t have any answers.”

Penney Jean Richards, the daughter of former Lawrence Eagle Tribune reporter Penny Morang Richards and retired Reading Police Officer David Richards, and granddaughter of the late Reading Chronicle Editor Bruce Morang, was a passenger on the Harley Davidson motorcycle when it collided with a pickup truck at 9:53 a.m. that day.

Both D’Amore and Richards were transported to Lahey Clinic in Burlington, where they were later pronounced dead as a result of their injuries.

Richards, along with the Reading Daily Times Chronicle and other media outlets, has repeatedly made inquiries as to when the report would become available, and always receives the same answer from law enforcement officials - in another one t0 two weeks.

“That is the same answer I get, every time,” said Richards. “All I want to know is how this happened. As her mother, I have a right to know, and I hope that once it is released someone from the state police will explain to me why it has taken so long.”

Penney Jean Richards graduated from North Reading High in 2001 and worked as a medical assistant. She had just recently joined the oncology department at the Massachusetts General Hospital Clinic in Danvers., and was looking to begin college study to further her radiation therapy career.

Her family is still struggling to deal with the loss of their daughter, while also waiting for answers.

“It’s hard,” said Richards. “I found her house key the other day. It was worn from use from all the times she came home. She won’t be coming home any more. I’m not even sure what I will do with the report once I have it. But at least I will know how and why this happened. And if charges come from it, then we have to let the law enforcement authorities handle it from there. I don’t think we’ll ever move from this, and I don’t think I want to. Our daughter is gone, and that is a huge hole left in our lives.”




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