Penney Richards
September, 2009


Cover Letter


The Penney Richards Memorial Scholarships 

The application period is now open. The application and cover letter are available now on the left side of this page.

The Penney Richards Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 by David and Penny Richards in memory of their daughter, Penney, who was killed in a motorcycle crash on November 19, 2009. At the time of her death she was a medical assistant with Massachusetts General Hospital's North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers, MA, and preparing to enter a radiation/oncology program to further her education.

Mr. and Mrs. Richards will seek applicants for scholarships from people who, like their daughter, are employed in the medical field and continuing their education to develop greater knowledge and skill sets to treat the range of patient needs in the health care arena. Applicants should be serious-minded, of sound character, and have a demonstrated commitment to exemplary patient care.

The following are required to apply for the Penney Richards Memorial Scholarships:

  • A completed application – to include personal and academic information
  • An essay of approximately 500 words as to why you should be considered for a scholarship
  • Two letters of recommendation: one from your employment supervisor or manager in your current role in the health care industry, and one from a personal reference
  • The name and address of your current employer and the name and telephone number of a person who will verify your employment
  • A copy of the college/university issued grades earned in the most recent semester (if applicable)

Applications will be reviewed by a committee that includes business and health care industry professionals. The final determination of awards will be the decision of Mr. and Mrs. Richards, in conjunction with input from the application review committee.

The completed application, letters of recommendation, essay, and a cover letter with the additional information required should be mailed to:

The Penney Richards Memorial Fund, Inc.
PO Box 262
North Reading, MA 01864

Any information submitted that contains personal identifiable information will be shredded and disposed of at the completion of this round of applications. Cover letters may be retained for matters of recordkeeping by the Penney Richards Memorial Fund, Inc.

The decision of the Mr. and Mrs. Richards and the application review committee is final.

Thank you for your interest in the Penney Richards Memorial Scholarships.

~ The Penney Richards Memorial Fund, Inc ~ P.O. Box 262 ~ North Reading, MA 01864 ~
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