Penney Richards
November, 2009

Penney's parents, Dave and Penny Richards, would like to acknowledge the generosity of so many friends, co-workers and acquaintances following Penney's death. The list below will be continually updated as we receive donations.

If you enclose a self addressed, business size stamped envelope, we'll send you a vehicle sticker (small version shown below) for your minimum $10.00 donation.

The following individuals and businesses contributed goods or services:
The following individuals and businesses have donated to the Penney Richards Memorial Fund:
Ms Elizabeth Alden
Ms Karen A Allan
Peter Aloisi, Esq
Ms Lauren Alterio
Ms Susan Altieri
Paul Amato and Tanya Hughes
Ms Lauri Bettencourt
Ms Janice Baye
Mr Rob Blenkhorn
Kenneth and Valerie Blowers
Mr Robert Bognar
Jim and Lauren Borghesani
Boston Sparks Association
Boston Cruiser Club
David and Linda Boucher
Box 41 Associates
Mr David Brezina
Ms Diane Brown
Ms Caroline Boyd
Steve and Kim Bryant
Buddy Love
Maria and Charles Burnham
Dr Jonathan and Anita Burroughs
Mr Michael A Calabro
The Cookson/Casey Family
Ron and Karen Chiuve
Dan and Kathy Cleary
Anthony and Maria Cota
Raymond and June Coture
Kirsten and Wayne Cronin
Glenn and Krista Cullen
Jane and Bruce Daigle
Ms. Susan E. Darbyshire
Pauline and Carmen D'Aurora
Mr Rob Decola
Mr Donald Dewar
L. Charles and Camille DiPerri
Bruce and Jane Daigle
Stephanie and Dennis Donahue
Ms Donna Dooley
Ms Deborah A Feehley
Ms Tara Forbes
Ms Joanna Frangais
Michael and Nanci Fraser
Ms Paula Frew
Dr Ghary Gappelberg, MD
James and Debora Gerard
Ms Laura Godinho
Jan and Mike Gollucci
Mr Steven M Grady
Ms Ginny Grasso
The Greeley Company Consultants
David and Janet Griffin
Ms Joan Gwilliam
Ms Angela Hamlet
Dan and Christine Hart
Ms Lea M. Hill
Michael and Debra Holloran
Charles and Gail Holloran
Ms Amy Johnson
Carol and Wayne Jones
Mr Justin Kaczenas
Ms Laurie Kennison
Kirsten Transcribes
Niels and Janis Knudsen
Jil and Randy Kohlenberger
Ms Diane Goldsein-Kontoff
Ms Jackie LambertMs Anne Lane
Ms Stephanie Legrow
Mr Marc Leslie
Ms Malinda Costa
Ms Lori Levans
Ms Marietta Lombard
Rick and Elaine Lovett
Ms Kathryn Levesque
Owen and Michelle Macdonald
Dawn Machovic
Ms Angela Maione
Ms Lodzia Marchwinski
Ms Pamela Masse
Mr Les Masterson
Ms Anne McAllister
Ms Nicole Mercier
Mixed Seniors Bowling League, Wakefield
Frank and Jeannie Morello
Alec Murillo and Kim Perkins-Murillo
Lee Myles Transmission
Ms Monica Nason
Mr and Mrs John Novack
Mr John O'Dea
Priscilla O'Hara
Peter Oliver and Laura Dunleavy
Kevin and Penny Olson
Rose and John Pacillo
Donna and Gary Paris
Eric and Teresa Peach
Mr Lou Pelletier
Russell and Tina Persetic
Mr Michael Phelan
Anthony "Skip" Picarello
Larry and Deb Plumer
Ms Allison Preece
Premier Realty Group
Ms Julie Quinn
Reading Family Med Ctr / Dr. Thomas Jevon
Renaissance Interiors, North Reading
Ms Dawn D Richards
Ms Donna Richards
Ms Andrea Robbins
Ms Robin Robinson
Ms Brenda Rossi
Steve and Molly Rowe
Ms Mary Ruehrwein
Bryan and Jaime Satter
The Schrenker Family
Ms Candace Shaeffer
Ms Jugna Shah, Nimitt Consulting
Emily J Sheahan
Noelle L. Shough
Mr Tim Smith
Charles and Joan Stocker
Ms Amy Stone
Benjamin and Jody Sullivan
Jennifer and Thomas Sullivan
Dan and Krista Thornton
Mike and Nancy Thornton
David and Marylitton Thornton
Colin Surdham
Kyle Surdham
Arthur and Jan Trigione
Adrienne and Huy Trivers
Steven and Lauren Tulloch
Wakefield Elks Home Association
Mr Harvey Walk
William and Judith Webb
Ms. Deborah Ann Whitehair
Jonathon and Kimberly Whitmore
Diana and Brad Whitten
Kathy and Stephen Wilson
Carole and John Wojcik
Ken and Charna Zeller
Peter Zorn and Dr Melissa Zorn, MD
Anonymous 1

The following individuals have donated to the Massachusetts General Hospital North Shore Cancer Center in Penney's name:
Mr and Mrs Harold Bond
Mr Jake Bornstein
Mr and Mrs William Brock
Ms Heather Comcak
Mr Richard Cutts
Mr Donald Dewar
The Ferioli Family
Christine and Dan Hart
Ms Leigh Higginbottom
Ms Tanya Hughes
Mr and Mrs Wayne Jones
Ms Brenda Joseph
Mr and Mrs Jeff Kontoff
Ms Cheryl A Leboeuf
Ms Stephanie Legrow
Ms Malinda Leone
Ellen Mailloux and Family
Mr Mark Manning
Ms Kristyn Marasca
Mr and Mrs Robert A Mills
Mixed Seniors Bowling League, Wakefield, MA
Ms Mary J Morin
Mr and Mrs Robert Moro
Ms Priscilla O'Hara
Ms Joanne Penta
Mr Michael P Phelan
Nana and Pa Richards
Ms Marybeth Sheehan
Mr Benjamin Shufro
Ms Deanna Smith
Ms Taylor Spear
Ms Leigh Ann Stoecker
Ms Susan Suarez
Ms Tami Swartz
Ms Helen Valente
Ms Florence White
Jean and Hal Woodbury
Ms Christine H Young

The following individuals have made other donations for which we are deeply grateful:
Paul and Kelly Bilodeau
Ms Ruth Coppola
Mr and Mrs James Decola
The DiStaso Family
Bruce J and Diane Donaghey
Ms Donna Dooley
Mrs Alice Doucette
Jim and Sherry Dunham
Ms Linda Earp
HCPro co-workers
Charles and Gail Holloran
Mr and Mrs James Kehoe
Eli and Kris Kosanovich
Mr Marc Legrow
The Levans Family
Ms Ida Macrae
Ms Julia Mazepa
Ms Julie McCoy
Ms Marta Melo
Audrey and Eric Peach
Ms Sally Rigney
Andrea and Scott Robbins
Ms Michelle Rothenberger
Mr Carl Russo
Kathy and Joe Sciacca
Ms Leigh Ann Stoecker
John and Beth Thornton
David and Anne St. Onge
Art and Jan Triglione
Ms Deborah Turilli
Mr Steve Whipple

Last, but certainly not least, we must acknowledge the generosity of so many people who made meals, brought flowers, called to check up on us or sent gift cards. The support shown to us by our co-workers and the company we work for, HCPro, Inc, was  and continues to be incredible. The coworkers at Penney's former employer, the Massachusetts General Hospital North Shore Cancer Center, have been incredibly supportive.

We must also not forget the thirteen-hundred (1300) plus people who stood in the rain on the night of Penney's wake for over an hour to pay their respects. That was a truly humbling experience for Penny and Dave.


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